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Introduction of US Imaging Platform

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In 2011, Center for Biomedical Imaging Center (CBIR) in Tsinghua Universityintroduced a Philips iU22 xMatrix research platform providing unique premium ultrasound experience with the latest version hardware and software. On this platform, the SonoCT technology provides high contrast resolution imaging by combining images acquired from different angles, the XRes technology enhanced the imaging quality along boundary structure in images, the unique xMatrix technology can support over 9000 active elements and easily facilitate real-time 3D volumetric imaging, and the PureWavecrystal transducer delivers outstanding 2D images and converts to 3D to provide a more complete picture of anatomy. Based on these technical innovations, Philips iU22 xMatrixis capable of challenging and novel clinical applications, for instance, clinical examinations of obedient patients, real-time high resolution bi-plane scanning at cross position simultaneously, and 3D volumetric imaging. Besides, this specific Philips iU22 features radio frequency (RF) signal acquisition capability not on diagnostic iU22 platform, which boosts technical and clinical ultrasound research with raw ultrasound signals instead of processed images.
There are four array transducers on current Philips iU22 xMatrix platform in CBIR, L9-3, S5-1, VL13-5and X6-1. This configuration facilitates clinical applications of cardiovascular, abdominal, breast and contrast-agent examinations. The cardiovascular imaging research projects of carotid atherosclerotic plaque are being conducted by CBIR and Philips focusing on methodology research and clinical applications now. In the future, the research projects on abdominal, intracranial and cardiac applications will be proposed.