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The Delegation from the NSF panel visited CBIR

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A Delegation from the US National Science Foundation (NSF) panel visited the Center for BioMedica​l Imaging Research (CBIR), School of Medicine, Tsinghua University on April 1st. The Delegation includes Dr. Thomas Cortese from National Center for Supercomputing Applications, Prof. Gary Glover from Stanford University, Prof. Bin He from University of Minnesota and Dr. Clayton Stewart from University College London.
The purposes of the panel visit are to identify good ideas in a number of leading labs in Asia and need for promoting progress in the field of biomedical neuroimaging. They will also evaluate the position of these research programs and identify specific opportunities for international collaboration.
During the meeting, Prof. Bai Lu, the Dean our Medical School, and Prof. Chun Yuan, Director of CBIR, introduced neuroscience & bioengineering in Tsinghua and CBIR, respectively. The principal investigators from Tsinghua University presented their work in biomedical neuroimaging and had a discussion with the Delegation. The delegation also visited Dr. Sen Song and Dr. Jisong Guan’s lab in IDG/McGovern-Tsinghua Center.