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CBIR Faculty Attend ISMRM 2011

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CBIRfaculty, including Professor Chun Yuan, Professor Hua Guo, Associate Professor Xihai Zhao and Rui Li, attended ISMRM 2011 in Montreal, Canada from May 7-13.  The CBIR faculty presented their work about innovative MRI research and achievements in CBIR for the participating experts at the conference. Moreover, these reports were extremely well received by other researchers, and many of them hope to develop collaborations with CBIR.


ISMRM (International Society of Magnetic Resonance Medicine) was founded in 1994 is the most important and largest association for medical magnetic resonance in the world. ISMRM is a nonprofit professional association dedicated to promoting communication, research, development and application of magnetic resonance techniques in medicine and biology. The Society presents annual meetings and sponsors other major educational and scientific workshops. There are more than 6,000 members from medical magnetic resonance imaging, clinical medicine, physics, engineering, biochemistry, bio-engineering and other specialities.

Following are reports:


Carotid Atherosclerotic Lesion Distribution in Patients with Cerebrovascular Events A 3.0 Tesla Magnetic Resonance Vessel Wall Imaging Study Using Three-dimensional, Isotropic, Fast Sequence with Large Coverage.pdf
文件类型: .pdf 77b26de3bc5768af2724c3c276c93bdb.pdf (367.61 KB)
Fibrous Cap and Lipid Rich Necrotic Core are Difficult to be Distinguished with Routine Image Weighting at 3T.PDF
文件类型: .pdf f6b8383c4dd5cafc3adf63aa82376bda.pdf (634.58 KB)
Preliminary Investigation of the use of Multi-transmit for Myocardial T2 and T2 Quantification in Normal Volunteers at 3T.PDF
文件类型: .pdf 8909843e4a1e686062f39f9a4dcb8cdd.pdf (333.21 KB)