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ISMRM-Tsinghua Joint Symposium on Neuroimaging Held

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 ISMRM-Tsinghua Joint Symposium on Neuroimaging Held

 ISMRM-Tsinghua Joint Symposium on Neuroimaging: Emerging Technologies and Novel Applications was held at Tsinghua main building on June 30th, 2014.


 Dr. Chun Yuan, the chief of CBIR hosted this Symposium. The Symposium brought together Prof. Peter Jezzard , the President of the ISMRM (2013-2014) and Prof. Jeffrey J. Neil, the President of the ISMRM (2014-2015), and Prof. Xiaohong Zhou, Prof. Fernando Boada, Prof. Thomas Liu, Prof. Joshua Shimony, Prof. Linda Chang, Prof. Mark Parsons, Prof. KS Lawrence Wong and Prof. Yihong Yang. They shared the findings of their research.

The topics presented and discussed at the Symposium are Neuroimaging. There was also a discussion on “Imaging Babies” “New MRI Methods for Assessing Cerebrovascular Disease”and “What Can We Learn from Multimodal Neuroimagingof Resting-state Brain Activity” and “Publish Your Original Research in Stroke” and so on.